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Welcome to July

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

July is a month that has some interesting astrology highlights.

We have passed the sun’s highest peak and the longest day of the year, so we start to see a shift. Nature is all and we can feel her blossoming at her highest right now.


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Proudly published by BMK Publishing, we believe the afterlife adventures of Hanuman, an intrepid Tibetan Terrier, is one true story that is full of love and inspiration.

Written for all ages, Hanuman describes his experiences with life’s transitions and living in different parts of the country. After his passing, Hanuman provides a delightful description of a canine version of Heaven. All told from his unique perspective. One of the goals of this book is to help both children and adults deal with transitions in life including the loss of a beloved pet.

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Here is July's Astrology Highlights by Wendy Barta:


To learn more about Wendy Barta and Astrology, check out her webpage here.




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