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Welcome to August ✨

How are you going to spend this month? Here's some rituals, thoughts, and spiritual awakening ways to use this time wisely.

We have talked about using crystals, herbs, astrology, and divination in many of our articles. These are all great ways to raise our energies, our vibrations, and our spirit. With so much negativity that surrounds us daily, taking time to do self love and self care rituals is much needed.

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During the month of August, we can reflect on the magic of our lives and how we have spent the summer. Remember what seeds of intention we planted back at the New Moon?

If you aren't journaling or keeping a grimoire, you should consider it!

New to us? BMK Publishing was proudly founded on the belief in expanding our minds, seeking ancient wisdom, exposing the truth, practicing earth medicine, finding answers in the paranormal, intentional living and finding magick in the every day through our books and media.



  1. Work with crystals. The celebrated stone for the month of August is Moonstone.

  2. Learn Astrology. The New Moon in August falls on August 8, 2021. The Full Moon in August falls on August 22, 2021. Learn more about Astrology here.

  3. Ritual Practice. Whether it's meditation, sound therapy with singing bowls, or walking through the woods, make it a daily ritual to stay connected to Mother Earth.

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