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An Intro to the Cryptic Culture Brand

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Psst, we’re spilling all the gruesome secrets of our Cryptic Culture™.

Growing up in the paranormal and cryptid-laden state of West Virginia in the 1980s, weird experiences was the norm. However, talking openly about these grim or ghastly natured events was frowned upon, but that didn't stop us kids from sneaking off into the woods to see if we could encounter something odd. I was always acutely aware of the magic and strange things woven into my mountaineer culture, but not until adulthood did I actually embrace it as my life.

Everything from seeing a bigfoot in the mountains of North Central WV on a four wheeler with my best friend to seeing UFOs and ghosts in the forests, this was my childhood. I also was oddly interested in visiting cemeteries as a teenager. So, it was no surprise to my mother when I became deeply obsessed with this cryptic lifestyle I've embraced these days. I had, after all, spent my childhood obsessed with Addams Family, The Munsters, Star Wars, fairy tales, aliens, ghosts and magic.

Isn't Cryptic a Bad Thing? Not at all. It literally means "Having hidden meaning; mystifying or being mysterious."

Finding information on cryptic, mystical and occult living is no easy feat. Despite there being countless books, blogs, articles and even videos on the individual topics of paranormal, macabre, and witchcraft nowadays, a true community that's not just a coven or a ghost hunting team is basically nonexistent.

Enter our Cryptic Culture. This is our new signature trademark brand concept—the name we've given to this rather mysterious new brand and community of like-minded folks that Melisa Kennedy has created to uniquely combine the mixed bag of paranormal, mystical, occult, witchcraft, extraterrestrials, macabre, goth, new age, spiritualism, and alternative living all rolled into one. Welcoming the previously mentioned through our media, products, events, experiences and affiliations will reflect our one-of-a-kind culture.

At last, we can combine and unite as Cryptic Cultists by:

Signing Up for Our Cryptic Culture Newsletters. The people who do this are the “if you know you know” crowd.

A Community of So Many. We wonder why the division of these cryptic-type groups have been segregated until today…curiouser and curiouser.

Witches have covens. Paranormal fans have ghost hunting teams. UFO witnesses are usually introverts or rarely discuss it (we know, we've been there and done that!). Again, this is why Kennedy has created an amazingly supportive community for us all to come together in unity and nothing less will be tolerated.

Spinning Our Web Known as The Cryptic Culture. In the coming weeks, we will begin rolling out various phases of our new brand, community, products, and offerings. So be sure to sign up for Newsletters and follow on our NEW Instagram and Facebook accounts.

A Proper Mindset Starts with What You Read & Surround Yourself with. The easiest way to throw yourself into our lifestyle {aka our Cryptic Culture™} is to pick up a book about paranormal, witchcraft, or mystical—preferably nonfiction. We have a bunch here.

Create an Altar in Your Home with Candles, Herbs, and Such. We embrace all aspects of living cryptic which includes spells. Candles from our friends at Tamed Wild are the best.

Dive Into Divination Through Tea, Tarot, and More. We sound like a broken record here BUT... again we love how our friends have assembled a Divination Tool Kit to get you started the right way.

If you'd like to be a BMK-approved brand partner or get involved with our Cryptic Culture, drop us a note and we'll get back in touch.

Attempting to predict what this Cryptic Culture may end up being is anyone's guess. But since magick and mysticism are involved, we'll just say it's going to be hard to pin down!

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