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Today's Full Moon in Aquarius

Each full moon brings an opportunity to release and let go of what is no is longer working for us in our life. It gives us an opportunity to see things more clearly. It casts a clear light and a different perspective on our life and those around us.

However, this full moon is extra strong because it occurs at 29 degrees. 29 degrees is the last degree of a Zodiac sign, and is called the anaretic degree. In transit, it's a point of crisis energy. So the culminations and results we may see can have a major impact on us, and we have to make sure we're reacting appropriately, not lashing out or rushing. This is hot energy and we have to be smart about how we use it!

This full moon is widely conjunct (aligned with) Jupiter in Aquarius, and Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so all of this energy gets expanded to the nth degree. Super, super, super strong! Jupiter tries to make things better though, since Jupiter doesn't like anything serious or intense or negative. But Jupiter can expand on anything, including the bad. Jupiter just makes it easier to make it better if you put in the effort.

This lunation brings a focus to connecting with your friends and community. It’s about caring for one another and mankind. People tend to be more friendly, but in an impersonal manner when the moon is in Aquarius. There is a tendency to be more intellectual rather than emotional as we are seeing things more clearly.

This is the second full moon in Aquarius this year, the first being July 23rd , but this one is making a beautiful connection to Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion.

A beautiful connection to Jupiter sparks abundance.

This lunation will give way to a burst of optimism, luck, and success. With both Jupiter and the moon in personable Aquarius, you could feel especially connected to your dearest friends, closest colleagues, a team or group or club that you enjoy being a part of. It will also make it easier to make new connections.

Jupiter's message is generally "the bigger, the better," and in this case, while it makes a major appearance in social-minded Aquarius, it will urge you to welcome anyone and everyone who's game to join your circle.

Mars and Uranus could set off fireworks.

But this full moon also is happening at the same time that Mars, the planet of action and sex, in Virgo forms a lovely trine (a nice connection) to Uranus, the planet of change and rebellion, in Taurus which could help you get out of your comfort zone — especially with your love life.

This full moon could bring manifestation stemming from not only the August 8th Leo new moon, but the new moon in Aquarius that happened on February 11, 2021. That moon was marked by a super lucky-in-love conjunction between romantic Venus and fortunate Jupiter.

Think back to that moment, and it could be that you were kicking off a whole new chapter — potentially related to your love life — that's now come to fruition.



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