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Raising Your Vibe: GO BAREFOOT & More

Energy is all about vibration. And we have the power to enhance it, deplete it, or raise it.

We are all suffering from stress, health issues, and a host of other things these days. But why? Because we are ALL energy, we need to tap into an energy source. Duh!

What's the biggest energy source? MOTHER EARTH.

Therefore, we need to learn the benefits of earthing or grounding-- whichever way you say it, we need to all be barefoot or connected with earth.

In one of our BMK published books, Tap Into Universal Energy, we dive into this subject. Here's an excerpt from the book:

"All the atoms that comprise us is 99.999% space. Therefore, we should be like a ghost and be able to walk through walls, objects, and such.

But what keeps us from doing that is our frequency is too low. When we raise our energy high enough, we will be able to walk through any object including each other.

Let's use water as an example. When you drop the energy level of water, it becomes a solid. You can walk on it. You can't swim in it.

However, when you raise the temperature of water, you can drink it, swim in it, and move it fluidly. Lastly, when it reaches a gas state, you can walk through it entirely.

This is much like the energy vibration we are talking about here."

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~Nikola Tesla

When we learn how to control our energies, we become one with the Universe. This is the ultimate goal that the ancients have talked about when describing universal energy.

All beings are energy. All things are energy. Therefore, our planet is living energy.

These energies have been taken from us from the time we are born. The manipulation, disinformation, and destruction of our abilities to transform our energies has happened to humanity for many years. Once we figure out how to bypass the control, we will gain back our knowledge of the ancients and be able to harness the past, present, and future simultaneously.

Because of the disinformation, they have been able hold our energy levels at a lower vibration that restricts us from being able to achieve our full potential. Spirituality stems from this, which is different from religion. Our soul and our experiences are what comprise spirituality. Religion is the belief in someone else's experience.

As we awaken as light beings, we start to breakdown the stigma that was instilled in us by the elite. Raising our energy levels to achieve oneness with the Universe, we will become awakened to all of our senses, abilities, and achieve ultimate bliss.

So, the next question is... what is a Shaman / Reiki Master and how can we use our energy points that comprise of the chakras to achieve our oneness with the Universe?

I will answer this in an upcoming post!

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