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Plains is DEAD

Updated: Jun 14

Opening a physical store is deeply important to us and building that store in Plains, Georgia was something we worked on all summer long with much excitement. Read on 👇...

It is with bittersweet hearts that we share that the plan to open a physical store just down from the President Jimmy Carter National Historic Site is DEAD.

Before we share our story of why, we want you to know that our online shop site will soon transition to a robust shopping experience and social media platform, giving you the content we’ve worked so hard to create.

While we have been thrown a curve ball by the City of Plains, we are confident that WE are stronger than what's been done to us.

Just so you know, it is one we wrestled with, but they left us no option. With their repeated changes and postponements for our business zoning permit, they today announced it will be pushed yet again to the end of September—which makes it impossible to open October 1st for the Halloween season (and most poignantly, not fair to our team). This isn’t easy or plausible to only have a few days to finish renovating a 100 year building and open our doors.

Although we feel like we've been kicked in the gut, our hearts for cultivating a meaningful shopping experience is as strong as it ever was. JOIN US in uniting our shop to become the strong force we are destined to become. #HolidayTradingCo


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