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New Moon Pt. 3, Lion's Gate ☾

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Today the New Moon is in Leo! Prepare yourself for alignment with the energy of Lion's Gate 8:8. Let's ROAR in change for good!

As I said on my Instagram Reel this weekend (@melisakennedyofficial), this is a time of abundance and new beginnings when you set forth your intentions. It’s time to speak your truth, and lead by example for the collective with a free spirit that's willing and manifesting freedom for humanity and Mother Earth.

This new moon is also a great time to reflect on yourself, your life, your decisions, and your impact on others. How do you communicate -- with yourself, with others, with nature, and with the cosmos?

Be intentional with your thoughts and how you treat others around you. Thoughts of hate, jealously, judgement, control, greed, and force do not serve any of us well. Roar in positive and free thinking thoughts and actions of peace, love, harmony, freedom of choice, liberty and human rights to all during this New Moon in Leo with Lions Gate 8:8. Now is the time to manifest the reality we all want.

Are you living in harmony with our Mother Earth? Have you planted a tree, herb, or flower lately? Do you dispose of trash properly? When did you last hug a tree or go barefoot in the grass or sand?

Many of us share these thoughts and desires for ourselves and this planet. The number ‘8’ is associated with infinity in numerology as well. The combination of all the above is very powerful.

Keep in mind too that Leo is a fire sign. One ritual that's effective today is to light a candle and ask the universe for the peace, freedom, love, and harmony we all need now more than ever. Take this as a grand invitation to bask in the energy of this special day, and lead by example.





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