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Magickal Products We Love

We're so excited when we find a new product we love. But this isn't actually that "new" to us because we have been purchasing magickal stuff from Tamed Wild since 2021.

It doesn't have to be October to do and feel magickal, and Tamed Wild is the perfect fit to find such things. In fact, we believe summer is one of the best times to incorporate this philosophy. Embrace your Summer Goddess within and start engaging yourself in self-love rituals made easy with their product line.

One of our BMK founder Melisa Kennedy's best sayings is "We believe in magickal things, knowing that we are made better when we do." This holds true in the books, products, and offerings she personally curates for the company.

Photo by Melisa Kennedy

"I decided to purchase products from them last year when I discovered their story and quality behind each product. As you can see from this photo, I've purchased numerous things, all of which I personally use on a daily basis."

Whether you do rituals, ceremonial practices, or give as gifts, Tamed Wild has monthly subscription boxes and even items under $10.

"I think of Tamed Wild as a really good witchy friend…but way less judgy, lol." - Melisa

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