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Looking for Spook-tacular Artisans & Vendors

Updated: Jun 14

Welcome foolish mortals to the Holiday Trading Company's Halloween corner we call "Cryptic Culture." When we open our doors in October, not only will our customers see Halloween and a bookstore collide, but they will see how owner Melisa Kennedy created a themed shopping experience to delight residents and visitors to this part of Georgia.

If you are an artisan or antiques vendor who has spooky and dark academia products, you have until August 20, 2022 to apply. Because we have a very limited space available, our selection criteria will be strictly adhered to our theme only.

Additional opportunities may arise later for artisans/vendors who do not make this first open call as we will be open year round. So, be sure to follow @CrypticCultureUSA on Facebook and Instagram to be in the “if you know you know” crowd. Follow us today to keep up to date with what’s happening. #CrypticCultureUSA

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