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June's Solar Eclipse: Smoky Quartz Ritual

2021 has been an intense year already of shifting energies.

In the world we’ve seen more chaos, violence, and shortages -- so it's time to shift into freedom and manifest some much needed self-care and self-love, friends! #solareclipseritual

Typically, solar eclipses symbolize new beginnings and opportunities. Both lunar and solar eclipses magnify our energies, intentions, and rituals.

You will need 2 items for this Solar Eclipse Ritual:

  1. Smoky Quartz Crystal

  2. Tarot Cards (preferably Rider-Waite deck)

...... ☾ ......

Don't have a smoky quartz crystal? Get one here.

It is recommended that you do this ritual prior to the sun going into full eclipse!!

Solar Eclipse Self-Care Ritual

  1. Find a quiet place to relax. Think about what change(s) you want to make in your life (health / career / love).

  2. Draw 3 tarot cards from your deck..... Don't know anything about tarot? 🌛 Get a 3-tarot card reading here.

  3. Read your tarot cards and think about what they are telling you.

  4. Begin to deepen your breathing and Pick up your smoky quartz crystal while thinking of the changes or new beginnings you wish to manifest.

  5. Bury your crystal within Gaia {mother earth} -- either a pot of fresh soil or in your garden. Then leave it there for a full lunar phase!! Gaia will recharge your beautiful smoky quartz and it will be ready to go for your next ritual. Just don't forget where you buried it! ❌

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