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Happy Full Moon Day!

Are you excited about today's Full Moon? You definitely should be because it's a Strawberry Moon aka The Lover's Moon!

Named after a beautiful strawberry in ancient times, today is all about enhancing your love life and improving relationships with others and yourself. Self love is just as important you know! #strawberrymoon #loversmoon #fullmoon2021

Also known as the Loverโ€™s Moon ๐Ÿ’”, June's Strawberry Moon creates a perfect moment to really spend time on your personal growth, even start your self-love rituals, and express feelings to your sex partner. ;)


Here's some Great Full Moon Activities:

  1. Treat yourself to a facial massage roller using the love crystal, Rose Quartz.

2. Next, do some meditation and let the purifying energy connect to your inner self and bring clarity.

3. Working on yourself and improving relationships is essential, so use a rose quartz crystal lamp to set the mood in the bedroom.

4. Dream it up BIG TIME. Let the full moon know what's on your heart. Prepare for the beautiful things to manifest.

5. If you have crystals already, tonight is the perfect time for you to charge your crystals now. The full moon's energy is at its highest, therefore recharging your crystals!

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