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Halloween's Calling

Now that Halfway to Halloween is over and we're well into the summer months, that only means one thing. Halloween is coming!

This year's Halloween collection from Johanna Parker X Bethany Lowe is beyond spooky and sweet. We simply can not get enough of it.

From mini bottle brush trees to adorable Johanna Parker Halloween character ornaments, we're checking off our bucket list of making our home the best decorated one on the block.

So let's face it, Halloween is sneaking up on us. And in stock items are getting low in quantity very fast this year.

There's nothing worse than getting ready to decorate for Halloween in September, only to realize everything is sold out. So, don't let this happen to you. Get these items now while you still can. Most if not all will not be restocked by Bethany Lowe / Johanna Parker again this year.

But, don’t sweat it — we've rounded up some of our Halloween faves up above so you wouldn’t have to. (You’re welcome.)

Happy Halloween,

The Holiday Trading Company

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