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Crystal Spotlight: MOONSTONE

With its color of milky-white and moon-like shimmer, Moonstone is in many ways a gentle and loving crystal that could work on even the Grinch!

Moonstone is a feminine crystal that has very strong ties to the Moon. Its magic and mystery helps to manifest your celestially intuitive and wise energies, making it perfect for rituals, healing, and such.

5 MOONSTONE CRYSTAL USES & PROPERTIES Moonstone is best used for:

  • Increasing self-care and self-love

  • Opening the Crown Chakra

  • Fertility (strengthening or healing)

  • Connecting to the inner-feminine

  • Connecting to the Moon

Proper Care for your Moonstone Crystal

Always recharge it with a selenite charging plate. In addition, you should lay it outside under the light of a waxing or full moon.

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