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A Full (Blue) Moon is Coming August 22🌙

Prepare yourself for the second full moon in August, also known as a Blue Moon. Read on to find out what our guest astrologer and BMK author, Wendy Barta, has to say about it!

Blue Moon (Sturgeon Full Moon) – August 22, 2021

The August 22nd Full Moon will be a Blue Moon. The last Blue Moon we experienced was on October 31, 2020. Last year’s full moon was called a Blue Moon because it was the second of two full moons in a calendar month – not because it looks blue! Now another type of Blue Moon is coming up. During the time between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox (a season), August’s full moon is both the third of four full moons and the second full moon in Aquarius.

The second of two full moons in a calendar month? Or third of four full moons in a single season? Or the second full moon in the same astrological sign in the same season? How can all of them be Blue Moons? The answer stems from the nature of folklore in general. It’s lore. And it’s of the “folk.” So, it sometimes gets messy and somewhat subject to interpretation. But everyone loves the idea of a Blue Moon…

August’s full moon is named the "Sturgeon Full Moon." The full moon will reach its peak at 8:01 am Eastern time so it will be bested viewed the night before (August 21st). According to The Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon in August was called the Sturgeon Moon because the giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this part of summer.

The August Full Moon will be at 29 degrees 36 minutes in the sign of logical Aquarius. The Moon will be conjunct Jupiter at 26 degrees 54 minutes Aquarius which will strengthen it. The Sun will be opposing in the sign of Leo.

The Sun rules Leo, which is normally a strong placement for the Sun, but the Sun’s energy will be changing since it is about to move into Virgo.

With the Moon in Aquarius in the 6th house and the Sun in Leo in the 12th, this opposing energy deals with balancing the needs of your physical health and mental health. This energy is reinforced by both luminaries being just a breath away from moving into Pisces and Virgo which are the natural signs for the 12th and 6th houses.

With this month’s full moon energy, try to reduce the stress in your life (mental) and focus more on your physical health and well being.

Take actions to better care for your physical health like exercise and healthy eating as well as reducing stress. More meditation!!! More laughter!! Don’t forget that “Laughter is the Best Medicine!”

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